Campgrounds in Mönchengladbach

from 10,00 € per night

WG Hostel is more than a hostel. We offer 3 protected campgrounds in the city of Mönchengladbach from which one has access to the hostel:

Camping at WG-Hostel from 10,00 € / night:

3 campsites are located at WG Hostel in Mönchengladbach. Each can host a tent for up to 3 or 4 people. This is our guest favorite - you'll have access to WiFi, a shared kitchen, a shared bath and a laundry. You can make yourself coffee and tea for free.

Camping at our Village Garden:

Located at the country and village side of Mönchengladbach, you'll find this campsite in Rheindahlen with multiple campsites.

Camping at our Forest:

In Germany, it's illegal to camp at a public forest. However, we allow guests to camp at our private forest to enjoy the pure nature.

Nightly Rates:

5,00 € per campsite (3-4 people)

5,00 € per guest (WiFi, coffee, tea, bath, kitchen, laundry - only at WG-Hostel)

5,00 € per tent (optional - if available)

Contact us to make a reservation:

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