at any time

24 h / 7 d

1. Book online.

Choose from a variety of spaces -

dorms, rooms or flats...

2. Check-In.

Right after your booking, you'll immediately receive a door code and further instructions to check-in to your room.

In addition, we'll attach a phone number of your check-in guide who'll be there to assist with your check-in if necessary (9:30 - 22:30).

As common for any check-in at any hostel and any hotel, you need to show your passport or ID on check-in or before - just send a copy by mail!

3. Feel home.

In just a few minutes you're checked in to drop off your luggage and settle down at our hostel.

In the rare case that you check-in before the previous guest checked-out, you can still drop off your luggage, access our free WiFi, have a coffee or tea for free and wait for your room to be prepared - or return whenever you like.

Camera Surveillance and Security:

As common for any check-in at a hotel or hostel, for security reasons, the check-in will be observed by our staff (camera surveillance).

Please make sure to enter the code correctly as otherwise, our staff will be informed to verify your identity in person.

Do you prefer a check-in in person?

Most guests prefer the flexibility of our automated check-in-system. However, if you prefer to be welcomed in person, we'll be there to assist you on most workdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

If you prefer to be welcomed in person, but at a different hour or day, we can hire a check-in assistant from our team at a cost of 20,00 €. We usually speak German, English, French and Spanish.

In both cases, just contact us to make an appointment.



+49 2111 588 744 2

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