Sie werden Parks, Bars, Restaurants, Supermärkte und einen Pizzabäcker ganz in der Nähe finden.

Nearby Attractions

WG Hostel is centrally located to reach a variety of places in Mönchengladbach, Düsseldorf, Venlo, Roermond and other cities around.
Your car can be parked for free around the hostel!

Schloss Rheydt / castles


If you want to visit castles around Mönchengladbach, WG Hostel is located perfectly to start your daily trips.

Most people prefer to ride their bikes along the beautiful alleys of the "Schmölderpark" area and follow the bike ways to the castle.

When you are lucky, you can collect a peacock's feather on the pathways or you just observe the duck and frog families from one of the various trails.

Other popular castles are "Schloss Wickrath" and "Schloss Dyck".

You reach "Schloss Rheydt" by bus, bike or car in 6 km!

Rheindahlen / villages


The village of "Rheindahlen" was founded in the year 1354 and is nowadays an official part of the city of Mönchengladbach.

The old buildings in the center of the village escaped from the world war II bombings, even though the Nazi-Reichsminister Josef Goebbels was born here.

Today, Rheindahlen still keeps its traditions celebrating the annual "Kappesfest" and other festivals.

The obervatory "Sternwarte" is also an archaeological museum for the Stone Age being a place of finding for historic items from 500.000 years ago.

You reach "Rheindahlen" by bus, bike or car in 5 km!

Schmölderpark / parks


The "Schmölderpark" area is named by the park in the center of the quarter.

It is popular for walks all-year-long and hang outs in summer.

You can find military cemeteries of World War I and II, a typically German "Kneipe" (bar), but also a German restaurant called "Gasthaus Schmölderpark" and a Greek restaurant with beer garden close-by.

The "Schmölderstraße" is your direct connection to the train station "Rheydt Hauptbahnhof" and the city center of "Mönchengladbach-Rheydt".

Minto / shopping


You will find super markets, a bakery, a German "Land-Café" (Stinges), the greek restaurant "Mediterraneos" with beer garden and the pizzeria "Primavera" in the area of WG Hostel.

If you want to "go shopping", we propose you to walk to the city center of "Mönchengladbach-Rheydt" or take the bus or car to the modern shopping center "Minto" at the shopping street "Hindenburgstraße" in Mönchengladbach.

More information about the minto can be found on: 

Düsseldorf / city


Many of our guests stay at WG Hostel to visit or work at the trade fare in Düsseldorf.

However, Düsseldorf offers much more than that: Shopping along the famous "Königsallee", the modern buildings of the "Medienhafen", the elder buildings of the "Altstadt", parties, festivals and other events.

You can reach the city center in only 24 minutes by car!

(Plan more time during rush hour.)

Roermond / shopping


Roermond is a city, a municipality, and a diocese in the southeastern part of the Netherlands.The city of Roermond is a historically important town, on the lower Roer at the east bank of the Meuse river. It received city rights in 1231. The Roermond city center has been designated as a conservation area.

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You can reach Roermond in only 30 minutes by car!

Abteiberg / museum


The Municipal "Museum Abteiberg" of Mönchengladbach was established in 1904, one year before the construction of WG Hostel's main building was finished.

Since the 1970s, the museum has been known for its experimental and avant-garde exhibitions, starting with director Johannes Cladders in 1967, and also its museum architecture, designed by Austrian architect Hans Hollein - a highpoint of postmodern design.

Its Sculpture Garden is a popular hang out place for locals with a little tree house that can be accessed by everyone.

Until today, Christians go on a pilgrimage to the abbey ("Abtei").

Venlo / city


Venlo is a municipality and a city in the southeastern Netherlands, near the German border. It is situated in the province of Limburg.

It's just one of various Dutch cities that you can easily and quickly reach from WG Hostel.

Besides its popular shopping street offering cheap coffee and other things, many cafés and cultural sites can be found downtown.

Fuel here is cheaper than in Germany!

Reach this Dutch city in only 30 minutes by car!

Schloss Wickrath / castle


Schloss Wickrath is a moated castle complex in Wickrath, located on the river "Niers".


The original castle ("Château de Wyckradt") was demolished in 1859 by the Prussian administration. It was built between 1746 and 1772 by count Wilhelm Otto Friedrich von Quadt.


The park has the shape of a coronet of a count of the Holy Roman Empire. In 2002 the castle was part of Euroga 2002.

Reach the castle in 9 minutes by car or take your bike!

Insel Hombroich / museum


The Museum Insel Hombroich ("Museum Island Hombroich"), is both a park and a museum combining architecture, art and nature over 62 acres of meadowland.


Its park includes the "Raketenstation" ("rocket station"), a disused NATO missile base.


The museum presents both antique art from Asia and modern art. 

Reach the museum by car in 20 minutes (via A46)!

Nikolauskloster / monastery


In autumn, locals go to the area of the "Nikolauskloster" to collect nuts and chestnuts.

Fresh apples ("Äpfel", other fruits ("Obst") and vegetables ("Gemüse") can be bought at one of the open markets around.

The castle "Schloss Dyck" is not far from the Nikolauskloster and another interesting site of the area.

Reach both places by car in 20 minutes (via A46)!