Hedgehog Hospital


If you find an injured, sick or orphaned hedgehog please call the team of WG Hostel on + 49 2166 25 88 115 or bring the hedgehog to our hostel on any workday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

For hygienic reasons DO NOT enter the hostel with the hedgehog! Our staff will bring the hedgehog to a safe space on our premises which will not affect the hygienic standards for our guests.

What will happen next?

Our staff will start a medical record about the condition of the hedgehog. Please help our staff to collect information about what may have happened to it.

Finally, the accommodation will be prepared for the hedgehog. Our staff will take care of it daily.

A medical student or doctor will come to the hostel for the first medical check-up. If necessary, we may bring him to a specialist for veterinary medicine.

We will take care of the hedgehogs for free. All costs will be covered by our team. However, we can only host a limited number of hedgehogs at one time.

As soon as the hedgehog is ready for it, we will bring him back to nature. We may set up temporary accommodations on protected outdoor premises or forests at the countryside.